Brain-pop is an animated educational site that covers multiple content areas!

At Newsela you get articles at your reading level.  Your homeroom teacher has your log in information.

CIA World Fact Book is a great resource for grade 6 students when researching countries around the world. 

This is a database with New York Times articles.  This is great for grade 6 and up. 

TeachingBooks is a fantastic resource for our staff to discover rich literary activities to enhance instruction.

Create Pie Charts and Graphs

Use this tool to create charts and graphs. This will be great for all content areas in grades 4-6.

ScienceFlix is highly engaging, NGSS-aligned science resource that teaches students STEM concepts and ideas through hands-on projects, videos, and more!

TrueFlix is an online, 100% nonfiction literacy resource that leverages Scholastic's award-winning True Book series with related video content.

Wonderopolis is  an informational site that helps kids ask and answer interesting questions about the world. Every day, a new "Wonder of the Day" question is posted -- each designed to get kids to think, talk, and find learning moments together in everyday life.

Use the thesaurus to find better word choice and the dictionary to help with spelling and unknown definitions. 

PebbleGo is a simplified version of a database. 

Use Find Juvenile Series and Sequels to find new books.  This is a great tool for all Mill Pond students.

Youngzine is a one-of-a-kind website where children can learn about current news and events shaping their world -- in a simple, engaging and interactive manner.